List of Tombs in Delhi

Tombs in Delhi

Delhi is one of the preferred destinations for all tourists as it offers a plethora of attractions on a platter. Sightseeing has never been so exciting and full of historical and architectural genius that tell tales of lost dynasties and rulers who would have never wanted to let go of this spectacular city. The array of attractions make this city a must visit despite the growing congestion and traffic blocks, however, the recent Delhi Metro Link has added to the convenience of transportation for the people.

Delhi has seen seven ancient cities that were built and ruined through successive dynasties ranging from the year 2500 BC to 1600 AD that once overburdened the city and its surrounding area with their plush palaces and forts. Hence today, it is impossible for anyone not to notice the ruins of these very forts and fortresses, fragmented palaces, shattered parts of ancient temples, mosques and above all the silence that surrounds the ancient Tombs where great Saints and Rulers are resting in peace.

The Tombs in Delhi definitely gives tough competition to the everlasting architectural brilliance of the Egyptian Phoenix and Pyramids and hence puts the city on a very strong platform in the map of International Tourism. The notable Great Trunk Road leads you to the unforgotten ruins of Qutb Minar where the Tomb of one of the most powerful rulers of the Khilji dynasty rests. This road has also witnessed Alexander the Great and the famous Napoleon who have marched on foot with their victorious Armies. Now, this very road leads you to the gateway between India and Afghanistan popularly known as the Khyber Pass.

Tombs that grace Old Delhi are as follows;

Tombs that grace New Delhi are as follows;

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