List of Parks in Delhi

Parks in Delhi

Delhi, as the capital city provides well planned and manicured Parks where people can relax and rejuvenate from their stressful lifestyles amidst lush green trees and vast expanse of area. This City is known to be the greenest city of India as it has hundreds of acres of land covered with lush greenery and plantations. Some of the Parks were in fact built with the main purpose to maintain a certain percentage of green area within this busy and crowded metropolitan city that enables the City to breath fresh oxygen emitted from the shady trees and hence relief the city off toxins and pollution though to a minimal extent.

Parks in Delhi also serve as a fantastic venue for various cultural events and programs based on the diverse Performing Arts of India. A few utilise these parks to spend free time or to picnic with their families and loves ones accompanied by small entertainment organised by children or fun games like cricket, badminton, football or Volleyball while a few resort to losing weight by utilising these parks for doing Yoga , exercises and jogging. You will also notice a variety of birds and their diverse species nesting within these parks due to its shady trees and apt environment and hence makes an excellent ground for birdwatchers to fulfil their hobby of bird watching through their Binoculars.

Most of the parks in Delhi are designed with excellent landscapes planted with beds of a variety of flowers, shrubs and other form of plantations. In springtime, you will notice the trees blossomed to their fullest with colourful Gulmohars and jasmine flowers that emit sweet scented fragrance across these parks and provide visitors with a soothing aromatic and therapeutic ambience.

The Parks in Delhi are a definite getaway for those who do not wish to travel much and at the same time who wish to seek a perfect place and atmosphere to freshen up and breathe freely from the maddening rush of the city. Names of these Parks in Delhi are listed below with a link providing detailed information about them.

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