List of Museums of Delhi

Museums in Delhi

Museums in Delhi provide an insight into the historical events that have paved through the city for over 2500 years. They educate you on the various lifestyles, culture and traditions that have greatly influenced our generation today. Comparatively, this city does not host as many museums as seen in Finland which marks itself in the map of the world for being the only country that homes more museums than their population, however, this city still exhibits numerous ancient objects, relics, knowledge of ancient and modern habitat and artefacts relating to ancient history dating back to the Indus Valley Civilisation up till this century.

Delhi also provides a place to showcase other forms of knowledge related aspects like modern science, modern art, aviation, anthropology, geology, fine arts, applied science, railways, craft and many more. A few museums also showcase ancient manuscripts, paintings, forms of ancient art work crafted by local craftsmen dating back to centuries ago. There are museums dedicated to Political Leaders which displays their memorabilia, personal belongings and biographies. The life and work of some notable and eminent personalities that lived through the ancient Imperial courts of Mughal Emperors are also displayed for our knowledge and education. Some of these Exhibition houses take a lot of pain to research, acquire, collect, conserve and preserve whatever objects they can get their hands on ranging from archaeological findings, personal inheritance donated by Royal Families and collectors.

Delhi Museums are assigned with knowledgeable curators who are equally responsible for the security and welfare of the museums. These curators ensure that their museums are well maintained and kept in the utmost high security especially for those who hold ancient artefacts and unique objects donated by its owner and for these reasons, photography or video filming are strictly prohibited within its premises and prior permission is required to do so from the local authorities. These museums do provide an ample window of opportunity to all visitors to take a glimpse of its past and present day culture and activities and hence numerous events are organised on a yearly basis to showcase the diversity of this Country.

The Museums in Delhi are established according to the items they display for example Dolls Museum, Craft Museum, Railway Museum etc. to name a few. Tourists can definitely gain an extensive knowledge about the History, Heritage and Culture of India through these museums listed below.

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