Monuments in Delhi

Monuments in Delhi

Delhi is strategically placed in the heart of India that makes it an excellent and preferred tourist destination where you can spend your time by walking through the charming streets of Old Delhi that once was the Pride and Capital of the Mughals and New Delhi which displays all the modern aspects of a Metropolitan city created and designed by the British who also made this their Capital City.

Monuments in Delhi depict exquisite architecture that is a mixed bag of both ancient and modern designs. Being an ancient city, Delhi also has an impressive history which reflects even today in the streets of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi ranging from Heritage sites that were thoughtfully built to leave all mesmerised and building a curious thought in one's mind of how many architects, labourers and craftsmen must have worked day and night to plan, strategise and execute some of the most incredible masterpieces that probably can never be replicated in the history of the world.

New Delhi is also a modern capital that was created out of the Old City by the British who put all their skills and years of experience into converting this Capital City into a landscape of beautiful structures that one sees in Central Delhi including the Presidential Palace or Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House or the Sansad Bhavan, India Gate, the Old Secretariat Building and Connaught Place that still reveals excellent designs of Colonial imprints blended with Indian Architecture to create an ethereal and Royal look while also ensuring that the city is well planned as opposed to Old Delhi which is seen quiet congested and not planned at all.

Ancient Delhi has some of the most stunning and breathtaking Monumental excellence that keep attracting visitors and tourists from across the country and the globe in millions. Many just visit Delhi to get a glimpse of the how a new city and an old city merge well to create an interesting pattern which is rarely seen in other parts of the world and well admired by all. This Capital city is a definite treat for all history lovers and archaeological enthusiasts who seek lost stories that add to their library of historical knowledge and share interesting folklores embedded within the walls of these great monuments.

Delhi is easily accessible by air and city transportation and accommodation are available in abundance hence, tourists can easily enjoy a comfortable stay here. Daily Tours to these Monuments are organised by certified Travel Agencies and can be booked at a reasonable rate. Famous Monuments include the remains of ancient structures as seen in Mehrauli Complex, the Qutb Complex and other parts of Delhi.

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