List of Memorials in Delhi

Memorials in Delhi

Delhi was born out of strong and eminent leaders that shaped its future by building a solid foundation based on which many decisions are made and implemented for the country. It is the city of lost cities, a blend of ancient and modern architecture where offices, administrative centres and the Parliament of the central government of India were formed and duties carried out on a its daily basis.

Historically, Delhi may have seen its share of glory under the rule of various Rulers, however, it has also witnessed numerous wars and battle of Independence and because of the fierce determination and sacrifices of such Leaders and Freedom Fighters that today, we can take pride in being democrats and proudly announcing ourselves as an Independent unit without having to submit ourselves under the scrutiny and rule and laws of other Countries.

In order to commemorate and show respect to the valour and bravery of such calibre, Delhi proudly showcases numerous Memorials dedicated to the brave martyrs that attracts the curiosity of many tourists and visitors who also cannot oversee these important landmarks that had once set the course of a bright future for our Country and us.

These Memorials in Delhi keeps alive the spirit of fighting the wrong doings and the memory of India's most prominent, historical and political leaders and personalities. One will always be reminded every 15th August when the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru gave his first speech of Independence on 15th August 1947 at midnight, within the ramparts of Red Fort.

Many Memorials are seen fringed on the banks of Yamuna River that adds to the serenity and ambience of these significant landmarks covered with huge lawns and simple surroundings where we can spend a moment to reflect upon their lives, work and sacrifices for the betterment of our lives today and also pay our homage and respect.

Choosing Delhi as the hub for these Memorials is evident due to the fact that this city had not only served as the capital of the Country since centuries but has also been the centre where numerous leaders had planned and executed their fight for an Independent India from the British Rule.

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