List of Gates in Delhi

Gates in Delhi

Delhi was also known as the 'City of fifty-two Gates' by William Finch, a European Merchant who visited this city back in 1611. It might seem really unbelievable to you at this point that this city could have had numerous gates but this can only direct you to think about this possibility due to the fact that this very city was once sprawling with Empires and Dynasties that found the need to probably build gates to define their territory or maybe to prevent any enemy from entering their capital and hence, preventing unwarranted attacks.

Gates in Delhi date back from the 8th Century to the 20th Century that were also constructed for Royalties to enter and exit from their cities towards different directions however, unfortunately only 13 gates remain intact surviving through good and rough times while the rest of them lie in the state of ruins and a few are completely destroyed.

The Delhi Gates have been categorised as per the cities that emerged during different dynasty rule starting from the 'Gates of the First City' to the 'Gates of the 8th City'.

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