List of Gardens in Delhi

Gardens in Delhi

A few of the eight Gardens seen in Delhi can be traced back to the earlier centuries when Mughal Emperors and the British had a gift for designing not only beautiful monuments but green lawns covering massive areas of land fringed with green shades of different kinds of trees, plants, flowers, herbs and shrubs coupled with exquisite architecture and ancient couture that reflects the artists in them and hence endorsing their legacy for a lifetime.

The Mughals loved their Palaces and Tombs surrounded with huge green lawns covered with numerous trees and well defined structures that depict both Persian and Afghan styles. They are mostly seen with pathways and waterways through which water from the river can flow through the garden and underneath their Tombs straight to the other side that reflects the vision of a Garden in Paradise and definitely adding a rustic and heavenly feel to the place. An example of this architecture and style can be seen in the Charbagh Garden to name one.

The British were also very fond of beautifully decorated gardens with undulating landscapes built on purpose to give the lawns a natural look of nature planted with green trees and shrubs adding to its charm and uniqueness. These gardens are mostly seen with blocks of coloured flowers that blossom to their fullest in spring season between the months of February and March every year. They planned the design and decor of most of the gardens seen here that stand as a testimony to their architectural skills and techniques. An example of such delight can be seen in the Mughal Gardens which is one of the most visited places in Delhi.

The Gardens that you can visit in Delhi are listed below that provides you with more detailed information on each one of them. Click each of following links to get details:

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