List of Areas in Delhi

Nehru Place

Nehru Place is known as the ‘Electronics Hub of Delhi’ and focuses more on retailing Electronics, Appliances, Computers, Laptops and accessories, Electrical parts and so forth. One will also notice a number of street hawkers selling computer hardware and software within the commercial complex of this Region.

Nehru Place houses several headquarters of Indian business firms. It was named after the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and was established as a major commercial district during the early 1980s. It has a 4-storey building complex that overlooks a large pedestrian courtyard that acts as a roof to an underground parking area that offer ample parking space for all vehicles and two wheelers.

Nehru Place is commonly known as the centre or hub of several small-scale IT Services wherein one can find everything and anything related to IT hardware and software such as documentation services, servers, personal computers, networking equipment and all allied and related services. One can find several branded computer hardware manufacturers with authorized dealerships while several others also offer to assemble or custom-make your personal computers and servers as per your specification which cost lesser than a branded PC. One can also find hardware servicing outlets where you can get your PCs, Laptops and other IT hardware repaired. You can also find shopping outlets or firms that exclusively deal in retailing and repair work of used or second hand computer hardware while a few smaller firms deal in retailing software products and storage devices like pen-drives, Disk Storage, External Drives, Backup Systems and so forth.

Nehru Place exudes an informal atmosphere and widely tolerates bargaining for a few products that one might find amusing and this is definitely expected due to the fact that most of the trading is done without proper documentation especially if one is buying products from the outside stall vendors unlike proper authorised firms that do provide proper documentation and receipts for all your purchases. Visitors can also purchase small daily use items from pavement vendors who sell blank optical media, printer toner cartridges, printer paper and even common software products. One can also get small printing jobs, DTP jobs and so forth at a very reasonable price.

Besides the IT Retail Hub, Nehru Place also homes several shops that retail LCD and Plasma Televisions. It has Banks, Educational Institutes, Coaching Institutes and Multinational Corporations. It borders with areas like Govind Puri, Kalkaji, Okhla and Sarita Vihar.  After a day of shopping, one can enjoy a plate of ‘Rajma Chawal’ [Red Kidney Beans with Rice], ‘Kadi Chawal’ [Rice with curd and gram flour curry] or Mutton Fried Rice with a glass of chilled ‘Lassi’ [Buttermilk] at a few Eating joints and Restaurants dotted around this area or even enjoy a movie at ‘Satyam Cineplex’ which is a newly constructed Multiplex or at Paras Cinema Hall.

Nehru Place homes a massive bus terminal from where DTC buses ply every 5 to 10 minutes in and around the region to almost every part of the city and a few even to and from the outskirts of Delhi. It is well connected by clean and well laid wide roads and offers numerous Taxi cabs and Auto Rickshaws that are easily available for hire. It is also well connected by the Delhi Metro Link and has its own Nehru Place Metro Station that connects this region to other places in the city.

The Indira Gandhi International & Domestic Airports are situated approximately 23.9 Kms or 47 minutes from Nehru Place while the Nizamuddin Railway Station is located 6.7 Kms or 17 minutes away, the New Delhi Railway Station located 14.2 Kms or 33 minutes away and the Old Delhi Railway Station located approximately 19.9 Kms or 46 minutes away.

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