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Religious Places in Delhi

Delhi has since been the apex of a diverse cultural, traditional and religious ground which definitely makes it the nodal point of secularism. Through these centuries, this cosmopolitan city has witnessed numerous religious houses being established and worshipped by their respective devotees and followers harmoniously with the existence of other religions which is a sight that can only be admired when seen and through self-experience.

Delhi is set in the heart of India where many Holy Sages and Saints were born, who had continuously strived to preach everyone the same message of love, peace, forgiveness and harmony amongst all. There is no such religion that preaches people to hate or spite on each other but only to care, sympathise, empathise and be humble and modest in every respect. It is a proven fact that every religion teaches everyone the same attitude of not to react when provoked by external factors or people who are out there only to create more havoc and nuisance for their own benefit which can be avoided if everyone takes a minute or two to think and rationalise within themselves before reacting to any situation or before throwing harsh and rude words at each other without knowing the root cause of the problem. As humans everyone has their own shortcomings and hence it makes it very essential for all to reflect on the bygone era when people thought of others and themselves as one despite the existence of numerous religions which include Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism and other smaller religious sects that teach and preach only goodness.

India has been known as a land of God and Goddesses since time in memorial and it is a mandatory act to ensure that the same feeling of belonging from such a diverse land with people from various different backgrounds, languages, cultures, traditions, customs and most importantly religion is maintained and set as an example for other countries and since Delhi is the Capital city of India and a significant part of the Country, it needs to lead by example in exuding these very qualities of living in peace and togetherness.

Delhi is also known to home the richest Historical and Religious Heritage of India seen in numerous Temples, Churches, Gurudwaras and Mosques that were constructed centuries ago by people who wanted to show their love for God and have a sacred place or pilgrim centre where they could worship and offer their prayers to their Gods and Goddesses to please them and in return attain infinite blessings.

Since Delhi does not limit itself to only one faith or belief; it has many sacred and holy centres that reflect the sanctity of their respective faiths in magnitude as seen in the soothing calmness of the Lotus Temple of the Bahai religion, the sweet melodies sung by Sikhs in their Gurudwaras, ‘Bhajans’ sung by Hindus and heard in numerous Temples, the calming effect of the heavenly hymns sung by Choirs that can be heard from various Churches every Sunday and the echoes of the Prayer Calls heard from various Mosques. All these factors can only contribute to harmonious living that reflects the highest epitome of secularism.

Delhi is not only a city of World renowned Heritage Sites and Monumental excellence but also of religious significance which makes it an absolute essential for all tourists to witness these pilgrim and religious sites that will leave them spiritually fulfilled.

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