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Christmas Day

Christmas Day is the day that all Christians look forward to as it marks the birthday of their Lord Jesus Christ that falls on 25th December every year. As the long awaited winter vacation begins, Christmas add on to the spirit of the holiday season and builds up for more excitement, fun and frolic. All Homes are brightly lit up and decorated with shades of green, red and white colours that add more spark to the snowflakes in snow falling states. In Delhi people use cotton to replicate the feel of snow in the winter season. The special highlight is especially the Christmas tree which children love decorating and where they patiently wait for Santa Claus to leave a gift for them at the bottom of this tree. Huge red coloured socks are also hung over the fireplace or in front of the door so that Santa Claus can fill it up with gifts. Though Santa Claus may just be a myth, parents of the house act as the Santa Claus for the children and young ones and the basic idea is to fill joyous expectations in the heart of these innocent kids and also to spread the message that unconditional love still exists in today's world filled with violence and fear without expecting anything in return nor the desire to achieve any materialistic gains.

The eve of Christmas midnight on 24th December starts with a special mass and prayer gathering in the Church. Everyone gets an opportunity to wish and celebrate this auspicious occasion with the entire community and people share a Christmas cake with each other within the Church premises in Delhi. Many people even donate food and warm clothing to orphanages and the poor class of society via the Church Donation camp though it is not limited only to this day as many also donate at different times.

Christmas carols are sung in front of every house a week before Christmas by Children and Adults and people generally offer them money or eateries for the Church and to show gratitude for their efforts in spreading the good Christmas cheer and spirit around the town. Christmas has always signified joy, happiness, kindness and love which makes the holiday season completely infectious and celebrated by everyone irrespective of caste, creed or religion who wishes to be a part of a giving community.

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