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Festivals of Delhi

Like other states, Delhi together celebrates a diverse array of religious festivals which forms the base for bringing people from different backgrounds and cultures together accompanied with dance, traditional music and colourful costumes. Every festivity is filled with great enthusiasm, excitement and joy that bring out the unique message of secularity, peace, tranquillity and harmony.

Delhi is seen in a different mood and atmosphere during the festive season. If you take a good look, this city has various festivals lined up almost every month, hence, the entire year swings by in joy, celebrations and a festive spirit filled with fun, frolic and cultural activities. The joy and peace in enjoying the festivals together without any hindrances in caste, creed or religion forms an integral part and the core values of this city and where equality and togetherness reigns which is witnessed by tourists and visitors from other states. Thus, this city acts as a nucleus of all major cultural events and festivities in the country.

The list of Delhi Festivals has been segregated as per the month they fall under namely;

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