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Delhi Book Fair

Delhi Book Fair is another annual fair awaited eagerly by Book Lovers. It is organised by ITPO in Pragati Maidan, Delhi usually from the last day of January up to the first week of February and showcases books of all genres and Magazines of different companies and topics like education, computer software, home trends, latest fashion and a variety of other items. Books that were recently published and rare books that may not be available in stores can be purchased at a discounted rate from here.

Delhi is also known as the nerve centre of publishing due to its experienced background of both ancient and modern cultures and episodes that culminates books of varied topics and diverse linguistics under one umbrella. India has books in 37 languages and ranks 3rd in the English book publishing section after United States of America and United Kingdom with over one lakh new titles that are published annually.

In 1957, the National Book Trust of India was established to promote books and drive the importance of book culture in the country. It organises book fairs at all levels including the New Delhi World Book Fair that attracts book worms, International and Indian exhibitors and is also known to be the biggest Book Fair in the African-Asian region. It combines book trade, copyright trade, exhibitions and cultural activities coupled with exchange of information and business opportunities. This Book Fair arranges approximately more than 2000 stalls for over 1300 exhibitors from 17 countries attracting visitors, publishers and delegations from all major publishing houses of the world.

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