Places to Visit in Delhi

Delhi Sightseeing

Delhi does not stand behind when it comes to world renowned attractions and tourist spots that constitutes of pilgrim centres like famous Temples and a gamut of places to visit and enjoy through your stay in this charming metropolis.

Delhi has one of the most significant and protected world heritage sites owing to the fact that it was home to seven ancient cities built over centuries through its course of destruction and reconstruction that symbolises what it actually stands for even today which is a mixed bag of old and modern structures designed by Imperial dynasties and famous architects.

New Delhi carved out of Old Delhi or the Old City displays new infrastructure including the beautiful Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House and neighbouring buildings designed by Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker and embassies like the Qatar Embassy that reminds you of an ancient and Egyptian Imperial charm and the others that reflect modern architecture and design while on the contrary, Old Delhi reflects ancient bazaars, monuments, forts and palaces that can only enhance your historical interests. It not only brings out the curiosity in you but helps educate you and exchange information about the age old century's traditions, cultures, languages and events of this city.

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